Nite Nite
The Good Patch
102’s sleepy time. This patch is complete with 15 mg of premium hemp, along with 3 mg of melatonin to give you the quality shut eye you have been craving.
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Up to a few minutes
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~1 days (assuming 15 mg per day for your dosage)
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Report Date2019-07-03
Verified CBD*10 mg
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Most helpful reviews
Sharon B.
Helps me fall & stay asleep!
eep!Helps me fall asleep quickly then stay asleep! I usually wake up around 2am then have trouble falling back asleep but the nights I use a Nite Nite patch, I doze off quickly and stay asleep soundly till my alarm goes off in the morning without any haziness or hangover feeling in the morning.
Heather G.
I'm 52 & have trouble both falling asleep & staying asleep. I found that if I use the NITE NITE patch, put it on at least 2 hours before bed, it really calms me, helps me get to sleep and stay asleep. I worried that the patch would annoy me but I honestly can't feel it once it's on. I will buy again and have recommended this to all my friends, esp. pre/menopausal friends.
Shelly R.
These patches work!
Was having a hard time sleeping with an overactive mind right now and tried a Nite Nite patch. First full night of rest I'd had in weeks! Definitely buying more to have ready when I need them!
Becky F.
Finally, a good night's sleep!
leep!As an essential worker during the COVID19 crisis, the Be Calm and Nite Nite patches have been a lifesaver for me. They've worked so well for me, I've given them to friends to try and they loved them too!
G S.
I love this patch
I was tossing and turning every night until I tried the Nite Nite patch. After putting on the inside of my wrist I drifted off to a restful nights sleep.
Amanda G.
Aaaand goodnight!
Love the Nite Nite patches for those random nights I have a hard time falling/staying asleep, or if I've had caffeine too close to bedtime. I love that it's subtle and relaxing enough where I don't feel groggy upon waking up in the a.m. Just the perfect little boost for a good night's sleep. Def recommend!
Maria S.
My Fave
Puts me right to sleep! I enjoy and really relax when I have this patch on. Don't hesitate and get one now!
Brittney P.
So Far, So Good
I bought the B12, Be Calm, and Nite Nite. I have only tried the B12 and Be Calm currently. The B12 definitely gave me a boost, and I allowed a co-worker to try one in my pack and she felt a boost of energy as well. Does it last 12 hours? I honestly could not 100% say if it does because by the time work was done, I was getting home with the kids and making dinner, I think I would need 5 patches to keep my energy up. I did not need a second cup of coffee in the afternoon and was still able to finish all items, work and personal with a pep in my step; therefor, it had to do something! I will be purchasing these again. The Be Calm, maybe I am high strung, but I did not feel anything from this one, but could be because as mentioned, I am high strung. I have yet to try the nite nite one, but I have great hopes from what I have heard from people who recommended me to the patches.
Rebecca H.
Good patch- good sleep
Very happy with the ‘nite nite ‘ patch. I usually have trouble going to sleep, but I Did with ease thanks to this patch. I have been ordering more since.! Very happy with the good patch team overall !!
Nite Nite
I have trouble sleeping, have taken melatonin but too much mg gives me nightmares, tried this patch and I've never slept better! Body completely relaxed, slept well, had vivid dreams but no nightmares, woke up refreshed. Only downside is price! I can't afford almost $13 for a good night sleep every night but will definitely purchase again for occasional great night sleep!
Michelle P.
Not effective for me
It may work for some, but I didn't feel any difference in my sleep with this patch.
Only 4 for that kind of money?
I thought there were 4 patches in each packet. My bad as I did not read the fine print. I hope I get a hell of a nights sleep for the price I paid. Very disappointed.