Soothe CBD Salve
Soothe dry or irritated skin, aches and pains with Lauren’s All Purpose x Rosebud CBD’s salve comprised of organic ingredients and 350mg of full spectrum CBD. Handmade in small batches with organic ingredients. Vegan and cruelty free. What are the benefits? Infusing Lauren’s All Purpose Salve with Rosebud’s full spectrum CBD oil offers users a calming effect on skin irritants and can reduce inflammation. Using CBD topically has been known to reduce eczema, psoriasis, sore muscles and pain, rashes and skin irritation, redness and inflammation, dry and itchy skin.
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Up to a few minutes
Up to a few minutes
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~23 days (assuming 15 mg per day for your dosage)
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Report Date2019-09-05
Verified CBD*335 mg
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Most helpful reviews
Kim V.
It has a fairly strong
It has a fairly strong smell however it does soothe and help relax muscles.
Megan S.
I didn't know I needed this
Got this just to check out, had no idea how much I needed this. Been using on stressed right shoulders lately, it's soothed so much of that.
Maureen F.
Soothe salve 350
Love the smell of this...does soothe my granddaughter had some kinks in her back and now she uses this salve to release the it !!!
Jessica E.
Love this salve!
I've used this on my dry skin, chapped lips, aching neck muscles, and for my little one's "boo boos". All around great product!
Lisa M.
Soothe CBD Salve
Absolutely love this salve! It's great for my face, especially my lips, & my hands! It melts into my skin! I use it on my arthritic knees, legs & back for sciatica; adding a drop of my Rosebud CBD oil in with it. After rubbing the combination of salve & oil into these areas the pain goes away! I can get through many work hours on my feet without leg , knee & sciatica pain! I've finally found something that works for me without taking medications for pain!
Megan P.
Multiuse allstar
Really cool light but dense mousse-like texture which turns into silky salve that you can really rub in. Loving it for a hand massage from wrist to nails - a nice treat to give your partner too! - with a perfect, light scent. Good for lips, elbows and stubborn flyaways too.
Denise H.
Soothe Salve
This is one of the best salves I've ever used. It is so nourishing to the skin and goes on so smoothly. I absolutely love the smell and the ingredients are amazing. The best part is it has Rosebud CBD in it which is prefect for areas that need a little extra attention due to soreness, aching or just dry skin. It works fast and feels great after you apply.
True blessing
I bought this salve for my grandfather who has very strong back issues. After years of shots and doctors visits, he gave CBD salve a go and has been loving the results!
Life saver
Not only does this salve help with my sore muscles, but I got stung by something in my yard recently and applied the salve immediately. Within minutes the swelling & pain went down, after an hour I didn't feel any irritation and all of the redness was gone!
Sandra L.
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