Extra Strength CBD Oil
Rosebud’s Hemp-Derived CBD Tinctures are made from organically sun grown hemp flower sourced from one small farm in Oregon. Formulated with only two ingredients, certified organic MCT (coconut) oil and full spectrum hemp extract, making it multi-use and safe to consume by mouth or use topically on your skin. Our Extra Strength tincture contains approximately 66 MG of CBD per 1 mL (full dropper) of liquid and comes in either a 0.5 oz bottle or 1 oz bottle. Both bottle sizes contain the same concentration of CBD to MCT oil. Each bottle is equipped with a measured dropper for precise dosing. Our tinctures never contain fillers, flavorings, additives, or preservatives and are placed through rigorous triple third-party lab testing for cannabinoid and terpene content, bacteria and mold, pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals. Who’s It Good For? Regular CBD users who want their bottles to last longer or anyone looking to target more intense issues.
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How to use
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Great for
Calm, Sleep
Kicks in
Up to a few minutes
Up to a few minutes
Days covered
~67 days (assuming 15 mg per day for your dosage)
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Manufacturing claims
Formulation claims
Mineral Oil-free-
Synthetic Dye-free-
Lab tests summary
Certified by
Report Date2019-07-19
Verified CBD*1016 mg
THC Free-
Heavy Metals
Residual solvents
Terpenes test
* Verified CBD amount scaled to actual package size
Most helpful reviews
michael h.
Great Product
My wife and I have recently been using this product to manage our daily stress. I can assure this stuff works.My wife can tell the difference when she doesn't take CBD before a long stressful day at her bank job. We are very pleased with this product and have recommended it to others.
Susan A.
The Shizz
This is the best CBD I've ever tried. I love it. Helps me chill and get a good nights sleep.
Teresa L.
Happy with purchase
I use my CBD oil for anxiety. I've purchased from Rosebud twice now & am happy with the results. Anxiety gone in about 15 minutes.
Heidi B.
Best cbd on the market
It meets my requirements. And the strength is epic. I use this for anxiety and pain relief. Microdosing every step.
Jacob K.
Rosebud cbd
This is the very best CBD oil but I have ever come across! I have been doing CBD oil for several years due to nerve damage from a car accident I was in! This CBD oil does not mess up my stomach and it is the best one that I have come across and I recommended it to my family and friends!
Kay B.
When use this product for sleep i feel I am in a clean space with no toxins…This company is really trying to be safe and free of toxins
Ingrid F.
I sleep like an absolute baby taking this right before bed! Not exaggerating I am asleep 15 minutes after taking drops under my tongue.
Best nights sleep ever
I can't recommend this highly enough. Since I started using Rosebud (it's been over a year now!), my sleep is just that, SLEEP!! I started with the 350 and it was a game changer. Then gradually went up in strength, mostly just to save $$ and use less at a time. Then I have found each one has its own benefits for me. I currently use all 3 (for different applications, even on my skin. It helps to calm any irritations. I recently had a severe reaction to an eye cream... Hello Rosebud, when will the salve be back? ;). Great products! Great company! Thanks Rosebud!!
Amanda E.
Purity and Effectiveness
Our family has become a big fan of this product. We struggle with anxiety, growing pains in the hips and knees, and sleeping difficulties. This has become a regular part of our routine and we are so grateful to have found Rosebud.
Tanya H.
Great product! Would love to see phone option for service.
We've recently fallen in love with the Rosebud products. The only thing that would make it better would be the ability to call and speak to someone for customer service. We had an issue with points on our order and it's pushing three weeks without a response to our email. Providing service by phone would really strengthen relationships!
Deborah H.
Questioning the cost vs. the relief
Very costly. I'm not really sure it's working. Husband says he can see a difference in me but, I'm not feeling the littlest bit of relief.