Double Strength CBD Oil
Rosebud’s Hemp-Derived CBD Tinctures are made from organically sun grown hemp flower sourced from one small farm in Oregon. Formulated with only two ingredients, certified organic MCT (coconut) oil and full spectrum hemp extract, making it multi-use and safe to consume by mouth or use topically on your skin. Our Double Strength tincture contains approximately 46 MG of CBD per 1 mL (full dropper) of liquid and comes in either a 0.5 oz bottle or 1 oz bottle. Both bottle sizes contain the same concentration of CBD to MCT oil. Each bottle is equipped with a measured dropper for precise dosing. Our tinctures never contain fillers, flavorings, additives, or preservatives and are placed through rigorous triple third-party lab testing for cannabinoid and terpene content, bacteria and mold, pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals. Who’s It Good For? If you’re looking to use CBD for a myriad of uses, our Double Strength is incredibly versatile depending upon how much you dose. It’s our most popular strength.
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How to use
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Great for
Calm, Sleep
Kicks in
Up to a few minutes
Up to a few minutes
Days covered
~47 days (assuming 15 mg per day for your dosage)
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Manufacturing claims
Formulation claims
Mineral Oil-free
Synthetic Dye-free-
Lab tests summary
Certified by
Report Date2019-07-19
Verified CBD*696 mg
THC Free-
Heavy Metals
Residual solvents
Terpenes test
* Verified CBD amount scaled to actual package size
Most helpful reviews
Patrick N.
Dont start your day without it!
Love the taste of this CBD! I take it every morning with coffee and I feel less anxious during the day. I only take about a quarter dropper full and that does the trick.
Courtney B.
For those tougher times!
I having been using these products for a couple of months now and decided to try the double strength during my period. It made a HUGE difference. Would highly recommend!
Elaine N.
I haven't tried it yet.
yet.I haven't tried it yet. I want to finish up the lower dose I have now. I am very anxious to see how it works for me. I find the 300 works pretty good, but seems to wear off sooner. Maybe I will take it in smaller doses throught the day.
Jessica E.
Double Strength CBD Oil
I've been using this oil for approximately a year, and it is a staple in my medicine cabinet. It has improved my sleep and helps me get through painful menstrual cramps. I love all things Rosebud!
Allison Y.
I couldn't live without it
ut itI use this several times a week, if not daily during tough times. It's my go-to for anxiety, needing to focus, sore muscles, and especially period cramps. I love it so much and the measured dropper helps me dose differently based on my needs. Always always always have a couple bottles on hand - my husband and I swear by it.
Margaret C.
I literally cannot live without Rosebud! Most days I'm good with the 350mg, but I like to take the 700mg when I need some help getting a more restful night of sleep, or if I'm having a particularly stressful day. Thanks for creating such a great, trustworthy product!
Heidi G.
This middle version of CBD
This middle version of CBD oil has been my go to during this stressful time of life. I really feel like it's an awesome addition to the good health habits I practice daily.
Karla W.
Amazing Product
I wanted to try CBD oil for joint pain and inflammation. My knees hurt and I could barely navigate stairs. My knees and joints are so much improved with this product. What I didn't see coming were the mental health benefits. I've dealt with depression my entire life. Rosebud has cleared my mind, and I haven't felt this sort of clarity and balance in years. It's hard to explain, but I thank you for such an improvement in my quality of life.
The search is over!
I have tried countless CBD oils in my search for something to help with my anxiety. I've been using consistently for about 1.5 months and I've begun noticing the effects. On the off day I forget to take my CBD I notice! Work stress is worse, I'm more anxious and restless. Had no idea what I was missing, and will be a customer from here on out. So excited to see what more consistent use over time does for me.
Emily T.
practically perfect in every way
i've shopped around some, but consistently return to the tried and true rosebud 700mg. rosebud is clearly a cut above the rest, and the 700 is perfect for all my cbd needs: daytime coffee, nighttime relax, after workout, you name it. thanks rosebud, ily!
maj m.
Didn't work
It didn't works well. I thought it was a bigger bottle with more but I guess it's more concentrated so you are suppose to take less. But my brother didn't feel any different from his back pain so it didn't seem to be working and for the amount I felt like it was a waste of money