Onyx and Rose
Our best selling tincture, now with a new twist. Pure Bloom CBD Oil provides the body with an array of the most effective cannabinoids. Experience premium broad spectrum CBD Oil with a fresh orange flavor.
  • Zero THC
  • 1000mg
  • Clean orange flavor
  • Made from 100% organically grown American hemp
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How to use
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Great for
Calm, Sleep
Kicks in
Up to a few minutes
Up to a few minutes
Days covered
~67 days (assuming 15 mg per day for your dosage)
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Manufacturing claims
Formulation claims
Mineral Oil-free-
Synthetic Dye-free-
Lab tests summary
Certified by
Report Date2019-07-12
Verified CBD*1097 mg
THC Free-
Heavy Metals
Residual solvents
Terpenes test
* Verified CBD amount scaled to actual package size
Most helpful reviews
Amanda T.
I bought this oil due to severe migraines almost everyday. It has helped so much. Flavor also tastes great! Highly recommend!
Peter F.
Extremely Satisfied!
This product has worked extremely well for my insomnia. I cannot believe how relaxed it makes me feel within 10 minutes. I feel great in the morning now after a good night's rest. Thank you.
Sabrina B.
The quality and flavor can't be matched. Absolutely amazing. The formula isn't thick like other brands and the taste isn't just bearable it's actually GOOD!
Morgan C.
Magic in a bottle
Pure bloom orange had changed my life. I'm getting better sleep, my head is clearer and with the current covid-19 crisis going in it eases my mind and helps me think clearer. It eases my stress and anxiety levels tremendously.
Genie P.
Pure Bloom Orange
I love the light taste of orange, it's slight fragrance is soothing. This product really works for me, I have very little anxiety & sleep so well!
Cynthia A.
I bought this to help with my Bells Palsy diagnosis. Since Bells Palsy is inflammation of facial nerves and is most likely caused by stress that weakens the immune system, I thought I'd give CBD a try. I take 1 dropper every morning, which tastes good, and so far my stress levels are way down. As an added benefit, it has also helped control some inflammation in my stomach that caused me to randomly get sick. My doctor had previously put me on a prescription that did absolutely nothing. From the first day of taking this CBD, I haven't had any issues! The only way I'll stop taking this, is if they come out with full spectrum orange. Also bought Bliss Balm to rub on sore muscles after a workout and it works great!
Love, love, love!
I am typically a walking body of stress and my anxiety has been getting the best of me the past few months. I bit the bullet and purchased this product and have been taking it consistently and am amazed by the subtle, yet crucial improvements I've noticed. Truly grateful. Even though I still have some bad days, they aren't as bad as before!
Christina M.
Anxiety under control
Pure bloom orange was my first CBD oil ever. The orange flavor is mild and a nice taste. I've been taking pure bloom orange alongside ashwaganda for about a month to help control and maintain my anxiety and let me tell you, it's helped sooooooo much!!
Love it!
I really love this stuff! I decided to try CBD when my anxiety kept getting worse and worse. The CBD oil really calms me down and provides immediate relief when I need it. If I find myself having an anxiety attack in the middle of the day I just take a little more oil. It tastes great as well! I would highly recommend!
Abby Z.
Started using this product to help with postpartum anxiety. I was really skeptical at first but it really did work for me. I have turned several friends and family members on to the products as well and everyone that tries them loves them!
Orange terpenes?
The only complaint I have is the darkening of the color after just about a week sitting out in my bathroom.. noticed the orange color was significantly darker , almost a rusted orange color compared to the light faint orange color it was when it arrived. Being in the food ingredient/ beverage industry I correspond the darkening in color with the use of terpenes during the mfg process or added to the oil after distillation for this product flavor. Orange terpenes tend to darken over time when oxidized - or exposed to light. If the terpenes are degrading already, it makes me question the stability of the product. To preserve the oil, there should be a note on the bottle to refrigerate after opening.
Michael G.
Hate the taste
Hate the taste