High CBD Formula Body Oil
Lord Jones
High CBD Formula Body Oil has been crafted from the finest ingredients including organic avocado, jojoba and safflower oils to deliver a soothing, deeply penetrating body oil that will leave your skin looking radiant and aglow. Our unique roller ball applicator targets pressure points making for the perfect massage experience.
  • Plant-based formulation contains 5 botanical oils, including organic avocado, jojoba and safflower oils
  • Soothing, luxurious oil designed to be deeply penetrating and readily absorbed
  • Warm fragrance rich with evergreen wrapped in light citrus notes of bergamot and orange
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Up to a few minutes
Up to a few minutes
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~7 days (assuming 15 mg per day for your dosage)
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Mineral Oil-free-
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Report Date2019-03-22
Verified CBD*116 mg
THC Free
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Terpenes test-
* Verified CBD amount scaled to actual package size
Most helpful reviews
So soothing.
I love this product. The CBD oil goes on easily, isn't super sticky and absorbs quickly. My skin especially in the winter months is exceptionally dry and Lord Jones CBD body oil really helps keep my skin moisturized and feeling hydrated. It also helps with any aches and pains I feel post gym! I love it!
The Best
“Holy Grail” “Game Changer” “Cult following” are all accurate describing Lord Jones products, especially this special oil! I have terrible back spasms and stiff neck from a car accident over 10 years ago. The rollerball makes application so easy. It's also extremely moisturizing. This oil is such a savior! I can not recommend it enough. I keep my less full one in my work bag.
Quick Drying Oil
I really enjoy this body oil. I have been on the search for an oil that dries quickly after applied. I like to use it on my neck and shoulders after a long day. Bonus if I can get my husband to rub them for me! Even though it doesn't say it's for your face, I use it on mine nightly and it keeps it from drying out. I love the subtle scent and find it very calming.
Love This!
I love all things Lord Jones, and this body oil is no exception! I love all the different oils that it's infused with. Rolls on easy and keeps my skin moisturized and glowing!
Love it!
I'm a breast cancer survivor and this product works miracles where I had surgery and pain. I highly recommend. Love the smell and it easily glides on the skin. Great price.
must buy for pain relief
Amazing for pain. My mom and aunt both suffer from terrible arthritis and other joint pain. They've tried several things and found this oil has helped them the most.
Great soothing oil!
This oil is fantastic. I use it post workout to soothe my muscles and it really helps. The roller actually massages as you put it on and makes the application super easy. It feels great on the skin and doesn't leave any residue or stickiness.
Smells amazing
This stuff smells amazing. I THINK it helps with pain (period cramps, sore muscles), but can't tell if it's just a placebo effect. But the scent is heavenly so I'm not too worried. The oil is a nice texture and rubs in really well so it doesn't feel greasy. I like the roller ball application. Did I mention that it smells heavenly?
No Pain Relief Whatsoever
I suffer from chronic pain and had heard excellent things about this brand, so gave it a try. Unfortunately, I got no pain relief, and felt the price was way too high for the amount I received. If you are lucky enough to live in a state where it's legal (and feel comfortable doing it) I highly recommend trying a product with CBD and THC in it. Dispensaries have products with higher concentration of active ingredients (even if it's just CBD) at much more reasonable prices.
Not For Me
I purchased the CBD oil to help reduce pain, but I didn't notice any effect at all. The product was recommended from a friend who raves about it...but for me it didn't have any results. Pain is subjective and I was willing to give it a try.
not effective
I have tried using this for post workout muscle pain and neck/ upper back pain. It didnt seem to make much of a difference at all and considering the price tag I expcected more from this product.