Active Sport Pain Relief Stick
Don’t let pain hold you back. Use our classic 40g BACK & NECK Pain Relief Ointment for targeted back and neck pain relief. This product will help you soothe your minor upper and lower back discomfort including general muscle soreness, strains, sprains, and bruises. Use it on your shoulders, neck, waistline, and anywhere else that you feel pain in your back and neck. Get out of pain and regain your freedom of movement. Our BACK & NECK Pain Relief Ointment provides fast, targeted and powerful relief for back, shoulder and neck strains, tight muscle knots, and minor upper and lower back discomfort including general muscle soreness.
  • Blended with THC-Free Hemp Extract & Other Natural Moisturizers
  • Dermatologist Tested – Hypoallergenic
  • 100% Naturally Derived
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Great for
Inflammation Relief
Kicks in
Up to a few minutes
Up to a few minutes
Days covered
~13 days (assuming 15 mg per day for your dosage)
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Mineral Oil-free-
Synthetic Dye-free-
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Report Date2020-02-06
Verified CBD*278 mg
THC Free
Heavy Metals-
Residual solvents-
Terpenes test-
* Verified CBD amount scaled to actual package size
Most helpful reviews
Bennie M.
Great Product
I love this product and love the convenience of a roll on so I don't have to get my hands dirty. It doesn't smell as potent as some of the other salves I have used but it seems to help my pain.
Bonnie M.
Active Sport
For the past two nights since we received the product my husband has used the stick on the top of his shoulders and down his neck on both side of his spine to the middle of his back, and he has been able to sleep threw the night. He is 66 years old and is a farrier still working on 3-4 horses a day. He is not sore anymore. We are so satisfied!
William B.
Great Product
I've used this for lower back pain and it has enabled me to cut my pain med in half. The stick keeps the product off your hands which is nice! We like it a lot.
Melanie O.
Best Product Ever
My husband and I use this product weekly. It's become a staple in our household. When I gets stiff necks, or pains in my lower back. This is the only thing that works topically. It's even better than Advil
Charles N.
Works really well
I really like the stick because it is no mess, easy to use and really works. It was easy to apply to my shoulder without the mess! Also it's easy to carry anywhere you need to go. Just toss it in your bag and you're off!
Esther W.
The active sport pain relief
The active sport pain relief is easy to apply with no messy residue on hands or clothing. Of more importance, it eases knee pain!
Tarin p.
Excellent product from functionality, ease
Excellent product from functionality, ease of use, amount:price. My only issue is the smell. Most don't have an issue with camphor as a “healing agent smell”. I don't mind it. My wife hates it. I would prefer just about anything else too!
Karen D.
Mess Free application
I like the stick because you can apply without getting on your hands. Smell is a bit strong and others can smell it. Can you make a scent free version, please?
Med stick falls out of the container, but it does work!
ACTIVE SPORT PAIN RELIEF STICK was a replacement. As I was placing the med onto my shoulder, holding it upside down to apply and the " med stick" fell out of the container onto the floor, multiple times. I offered to send it back. It really does help with the pain!
Works as advertised
It works well. Except for a minor shipping snafu (cough they sent more than I ordered and paid for) the sports stick goes on easy. Does have a slight tackiness to it once on but it definitely cuts down the pain I have in my shoulder for several hrs. Will order again once I run out. Smells like icy-hot, just not as intensely.
Strong odor
I began to feel relief from my knee pain after applying it 2 times. Unfortunately I am unable to tolerate the very strong odor. Despite wearing medical gloves and washing my hands immediately after, I could taste it in my mouth. I can't tolerate the smell. If your sensitive to odors, then don't waist your money.
kim c.
Not helping
Had really high hopes for this product but not seeing any relief yet. Maybe after time???
200mg per container
Sadly, there are only 200mgs of hemp oil in the product. Need much more to make it worth it!! BTW, 200mgs is not per dose/application, it means in the entire bottle!!
James O.
i have Tendonitis of my
i have Tendonitis of my right wrist.This product offered little relief.My daughter tried my stick on both knees &offered her enough relief to place an order.Also the strong odor irritates my eyes