Royal Oil - 1000 Mg Hemp-Derived CBD
Lord Jones
Lord Jones Royal Oil is a multi-purpose CBD oil. With just two essential ingredients - broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil suspended in pure grape seed oil - we crafted our Royal Oil to appeal to the CBD purist who is looking for the ultimate all-purpose supplement, free of flavorings, colorings and additives. Because Royal Oil contains no flavorings, it retains the original aroma of the cannabis plant. 1000mg of hemp-derived CBD per bottle.
  • Broad spectrum formula helps promote a calm sense of well-being
  • When used topically: Soothes, hydrates and de-stresses skin
  • Vegan, Sugar free, Gluten free, Alcohol free, free of flavoring, coloring and additives
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Up to a few minutes
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~67 days (assuming 15 mg per day for your dosage)
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Verified CBD*1050 mg
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Most helpful reviews
Worth its weight in GOLD
This oil is a miracle!! I have horrible rosacea on my face and it sometimes looks like I have chemical burns on my cheeks. I've only used this oil twice and I can honestly say that the redness from my rosacea has decreased at least 75 percent, if not more. My face looks so much more even toned. This oil really soothes and helps with redness and inflammation from rosacea. I will be buying this on a regular basis.
excellent CBD oil that helped to clear my adult acne (AHA's and tretinoin have also helped) and this left my skin with a bounce. I previously used the Flora + Bast which was very good but just doesn't feel the same as this (absorbed very well but didn't leave it bouncy and smooth like this) and is also 350mg compared to 1000 for this. The only reason why it has 4 stars is because they did not put it in an opaque bottle (it is frosted, which is a little better then the completely clear Flora + Bast bottle)...light is NOT good and renders the CBD useless overtime if it is left out (goes for any good ingredients/antioxidants in skincare products). So I have to store this in my cabinet and minimize the time I have it out. A little annoying, not the end of the world. I wish they would put it in an opaque bottle so I can leave it on my bathroom counter:)
My skin is high on life with this stuff
I love oils. Marula is my go to but I also like chia and rosehip. I got this as a sample and thought I would try it on my red, cystic hormonal acne prone skin. Wow. I woke up with every single active bump on my face noticeably flatter and lighter. I did nothing different but swap out my nightly marula or Royal Oil. I also used it the night after a microderm treatment that I went a little too harsh on. It immediately soothed my skin that was burning a little. The next morning the red was gone and again, spots lighter. I've used it every day since I got the sample and every day my skin looks a little better. It's like a miracle. Definitely buying this as soon as I run out. Yes it's pricey but it's absolutely worth it if you have troublesome skin.
Cleared Up Cystic Acne
I started using this product about two months ago and wanted to see the full results before posting. This oil completely cleared up my acne. I wasn't sure if it was really this or something else I was using. But I finally realized this cbd oil has been the key. I use this every night in my routine and I even skipped days to see if it made a difference and my skin wouldn't look the same in the morning without it. I had bad cystic acne around my chin, jaw, and cheeks. Even my friends and family noticed my skin was so much clearer. I ALSO ingest this oil here and there to help with my anxiety. A full dropper takes about 15 minutes before you feel a genuine calm take over. A reminder for other reviewers, if you go on Lord Jones website, they market this oil as one you consume. Nothing about skincare. But since this is Sephora, they have to market it as skincare because it will sell more as a beauty product. So yes, you can totally ingest this.
Best oil to add to daily routine
Received as a gift with the super yummy jellies (must try) and decided to go through my skincare product while under social-distancing and try to pass time by attempting beauty reviews. I actually have pretty good skin (genes) no one can cheat age and noticed my skin just can't retain moisture as I used to and it so much effort to make it look just “decent”. My standard routine (rotate one from each type) Origins checks and balance or Bobby balm face cleansing oil Dr. Jart cleansing water or la mer pre lotion treatment or Estée Lauder toner True botanical oil, darphin night cream, creme de la mer La mer spf La mer eye cream Here's my personal compare sheet 1. Lord jones - very little goes a long way. About 2/3 of the other oils. Has a non fragrance scent. I had to try to smell it but normally I think you would be neutral to the smell. I found it best to combine it with my existing creams. It really made a difference in helping my cream/skin hold the moisture - my skin felt more elastic and youthful(if I may say). I haven't figured out what the right amount it to use by itself but I think I just need to try a bit more 2. True botanical oil - feels therapeutic but my skins gets used to it very quickly so end up using more and more. I use it by itself. I tried mixing it with my other creams like lord jones and didn't feel a change to using just my creams. 3. Creme de la mer - it is good but I think I started feeling the benefit around 37/38 (now 40!! Yay) but it also made me sad I needed this much heavier cream. But mixing it with the LJ oil really made it work and makes it feel light for me. 4. Darphin ideal resource - imho underrated amazing cream but with the LJ oil makes me feel like I just got a facial. Okay - Writing reviews is so much work! Hope this helps~
I was Skeptical and it fixed my dermatitis
I was skeptical. Didn't want to pay $100 off the bat to try it so I jumped on it when I saw it as a GWP item. I have been trying to switch over to clean beauty and in testing out a bunch of products, I had given myself contact dermatitis. I had had all these little bumps for about a week, and had paired down my routine to the non clean things I was using before. Decided to try this in the mix cause I saw that it only had 2 ingredients and the CBD was so high so I figured it was a good time to give it a go. Guys....MOST of those dermatitis bumps were GONE when I woke up this morning (used it the one time last night). This was the only different thing I had used last night vs the last few nights. I'm SOLD. Once I run through the mini size I'm buying the full size.
This is totally safe if taken orally, idk why people are saying that it's not. Even the Lord Jones website says that it can be used for whatever and has directions for taking it under the tongue! Anytime I'm feeling tense, stressed, or can't sleep, this is my go to. I recommend taking it after you've brushed your teeth or use mouthwash before. It really masks the taste and once you chase it with water, the taste is gone!
Wow wow wow!
Okay. Yes. I will admit it. I am riding the CBD bandwagon. I'm not ashamed to admit that. I think it's a miracle plant. But ANYWAY! So I gave about a month of using this product to write a review because I wanted it to be tried, true, put a stamp on it, whatever. I use it only for skincare, so I cannot attest to any benefits other than for topical use. But WOW! Let me preface by saying that I have very dry skin, but my work environment constantly has me flying on dry, moisture-lacking airplanes to all different climates for work. Because of this, my dry skin typically becomes oily by the end of the day, and even more so if I'm sent to humid places for work. On top of that, I have sensitive, acne prone skin. Despite being a self-professed skincare guru, I have never found a product that didn't break me out/soak into my parched skin/cause redness/etc. THIS. IS. MY. HOLY. GRAIL. SKINCARE. PRODUCT. Never did I imagine i would come across an OIL of all products that would soak right up into my thirsty skin, dissipate the redness I occasionally get, clear my skin up, and completely change the texture of my skin!!! Seriously I am in shock at how baby smooth my face is now. Y'all, I don't care that it costs an arm and a leg, and if any of y'all have similar skincare concerns, I am tellingggg youuuu! This stuff is legit. It doesn't have an odor at all to me, like some comments have said. In fact, the Herbivore CBD oil and the Saint Jane oil have far more intense odors than this beauty, and both don't sink into my skin at all like this does. It's pricey, but a little goes a long way. Three drops (not droppers, but drops) in the morning and three drops at night. I will buy this stuff until the day I swear y'all.
Great results
Got this as a free sample and using day and night. I like that it doesn't break me out and keeps my face hydrated and soft. There are many amazing benefits to CBD for skin. This little sample bottle will last awhile because you only need to use a small amount. I love the natural earthy scent as well. I don't know if I can afford the full size bottle so when this runs out I am going to try Herbivore. CBD is a winner for skincare!
Changed my life
Royal oil has literally changed my life. I put a dropped under my tongue every night and then put a bit on my pressure points (temples and inside of wrists) a few times during the day. I have had much more restful sleep, and experienced an increase in overall calmness (I struggle with anxiety). This is a good formulation that has worked really well for me. I even got my grandma hooked on it. I'd love to see soft gels from Lord Jones!
Oily, doesn't breathe, Not a fan personally!
Well, it is an oil. I am 65 so my skin is NOT oily normally. How nice to feel like I'm 16 again! Yep - oily! I had to change out my pillowcase every day, and as far as I did use it on my hands overnight and it was nice. It only takes a couple of drops because it is an oil. I'm not sure if it is any better than any oil out there. If the weather is warm, this oil stays on the surface of the skin and it just makes me miserably over the top hot! It actually caused a pimple on my cheek once. I have gotten up and washed it off a couple of nights. I'm not personally a fan.
THC beware
full spectrum is NOT purest form. a cbd isolate is. full spectrum has all of the terpenes, oils n other cannabinoids. it has all of the naturally occurring compounds of the hemp plant. they work together to give you the most benefit that a full spectrum can. this is called the entourage effect. now, everyone reacts differently to cbd. isolate has ZERO thc and won't show up in drug tests. it doesn't have ALL of the benefits full spectrum as full uses parts of the plant that an isolate does not. full spectrum MAY show up in drug tests and MAY have a small sedative effect and have a strong smell or taste. that being said, cbd of all kinds works differently for everyone. if you don't want the chance to test dirty while you check out how it helps inflammation and hydrates your skin, this product is not it. I bought it and it did little for my facial redness and little to keep my face hydrated. I've found a fantastic cbd isolate that has helped. but like I said every kind of cbd affects everyone differently. what works for one may not work for another.
Not A Fan
I've had other CBD that seems to work waaaay better. Also, the grapeseed oil tasted a little funky. If you're looking to try a brand I would go with Wildflower over this.
I bought this straight from the manufacture. The first bottle was a lower dosage and it didn't do anything so I decided to try the stronger version and yet it still doesn't do anything as a tincture. I didn't have any issues with the smell or taste but after having it for a month a did notice the smell and taste got worse. Would not purchase again as a tincture.