Luxury Body Serum
Saint Jane
O, OPRAH THE MAGAZINE BEAUTY AWARD WINNER! Our ultra-soothing body serum is 100% clean and infused with a rich concentration of 200mg full-spectrum CBD and 28 potent botanicals to gently brighten and boost skin's natural radiance. Indulge your body like your face with our citrus and bourbon vanilla-infused super blend. Packed with 28 omega-rich botanicals, 200mg of full spectrum CBD and exfoliating fruit acids like pink grapefruit and tangerine, this silky serum reveals soft, radiant skin all day long.
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Up to a few minutes
Up to a few minutes
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~13 days (assuming 15 mg per day for your dosage)
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Mineral Oil-free
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Report Date2020-01-04
Verified CBD*219 mg
THC Free
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Most helpful reviews
An Everyday Luxury
Love this serum! I am a fan of the face serum which has turned my skin around! So it was a no brainer to try the body serum especially since I suffer from eczema flare ups on my body. These flare ups are particularly painful as they rub against my clothing and the discomfort is off the charts. Usually I would turn to a prescription steroid cream to help but now no longer. Since I have been using this body serum regularly, my flare ups are gone and glowing skin is all you can see. I put the serum on immediately after my shower - skin is damp and the smell along with the steam in the shower is heavenly. And when I take baths, I have been putting a few drops in too mixed w/ epsom salt. Its the best when I am tired and bone weary! This serum is an everday luxury for me!
Great for eczema!
I have eczema and this product has been absolutely wonderful. Calms the itchiness while mending my dry skin (which is the cause of the itchiness in the first place). Does have an herbal scent and is pretty expensive (but cheaper than the facial product). I absolutely hate the dispenser. I wish this would also be a dropper (possibly a bigger one than the facial serum?). But definitely thinking about repurchasing. My eczema has been horrible this winter and I've gone through half a bottle in a month already ;__; so sad. Would recommend!
Potent smell but gosh my skin glows
This oil was UNBELIEVABLE for my skin. I felt supple, smooth, hydrated, and my trouble areas really cleared up but the smell is so powerful. Granted, the smell faded pretty quickly, but it felt overwhelming each time I wore it in the first five minutes. I can't deny the impact on my skin though!
I'm hooked
I love this product the smell is very lemon like it also reminds me of the old Sunday Riley facial oil goes on very smooth makes your skin feel very silky and hydrated the packaging is so luxurious I definitely will be repurchasing when I run out
Spa skin in a bottle!
This serum is heavenly! I have tried the Saint Jane facial serum and LOVE it so felt compelled to also try this, and it's equally amazing. I have dry skin all over my body and I've been using this after I shower and its really helped with the dry itchy skin on my arms. It is light and absorbs quickly so I've also been using it on my neck, chest and shoulders before a night out to give me a post spa-like glow. It also smells lovely and the bottle looks so impressive in my bathroom. I will definitely be coming back for more!
It's worth the money
I am in love with the face serum, so I had to try this too. My skin tone dark, so dry skin appears very prominent on me. I use about 5 drops after my shower focusing on my legs and arms and I rub whatever is left on the rest of my body. Oh, my goodness, it gives my legs and arms such a glow. No more dry elbows. It gives my skin such a glow and you don't have to reapply in the morning. I love, but will use it sparingly for fear it will run out quickly.
Best moisturizing product I have ever used.
This serum had transformed my dry skin! I apply it right after my shower all over my body -- it had lasting power throughout the day and beyond. My cracked elbows have never looked better!
I am accustomed to the CBD scent and therapies. This one is pretty good. I have hard mineralized water that is drying and irritating to the skin. This had a noticeable improvement to the texture and reducing inflammation like eczema with my skin. The scent is something to get used to but it doesn't linger. Be open minded about what this is being used for and what it can do for you.
Disappointing...I had tried the beauty serum and loved it! I have very dry skin and was hoping this would help. It didn't...The packaging is beautiful, but the pump leaks...
CBD strong odor
The smell of CBD in this is so strong overpowering. Had to return it.
I bought this because I loved the face oil so much but found that this body serum is just ok. It lacks the scent I thought it would have... It is moisturizing, I will give it that, but there are just too many other body oils out there for this not to pull its weight in every category. This made me appreciate my Tata body oil more.