High CBD Formula Body Lotion
Lord Jones
Lord Jones High CBD Formula is a soothing, rich, luxurious lotion designed to be penetrating and readily absorbed. Formulated to create a cooling sensation upon contact, our moisturizing lotion has been crafted to deliver unparalleled absorption in an extra strength formula. Features our Lord Jones Signature Fragrance, fresh with notes of sage, mint and green citrus. Also available Fragrance Free.
  • Soothing, rich luxurious lotion designed to be penetrating and readily absorbed
  • Lord Jones signature fragrance, fresh with notes of sage, mint and green citrus
  • Formulated to create a cooling sensation upon contact
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Up to a few minutes
Up to a few minutes
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~7 days (assuming 15 mg per day for your dosage)
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Mineral Oil-free
Synthetic Dye-free
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Report Date2020-02-12
Verified CBD*101 mg
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Most helpful reviews
I love this cream!!
Over the last couple years I've been using this product mainly for neck & shoulder pain and joint pain. It's extremely effective....and I've tried numerous creams and oils for pain relief. I like the signature fragrance....yes it does smell like pot lol...I'm rather intrigued and ask myself how did they do that? I use such a small quantity on my body no one notices. It's not such an overwhelming fragrance that people will think you've just smoked something as some have said.
Relief from tendonitis!
I have had chronic tendinitis for years. I'm finally able to stop talking Tylenol every day. I use this every 12 hours and it works as well as an NSAID, targets only where you need it, and acts fast. Bonus, it's Moisturizing. I take NO Tylenol now. I bought extras of this miracle, plus the royal oil (personally both work equally well, you must use less of the oil at a time). So happy!
It's a miracle lotion
This has become a staple in my home! I apply it in my temples and back of neck when I get a headache and within minutes the pain starts to subside. I apply two pumps on my husbands lower back whenever he has pain and he swears the pain is gone within minutes. I will make sure this is always available in my home.
Not amazing CBD
I absolutely love love love the smell of this product. It does not smell like weed, definitely more of a cologne smell. I fell in love when I tried the sample but was not going to pay full price for it, I mean it smells good and works okay but not 60$ worth. So when it went on sale I swiped one and I'm glad i did!
Soothed my skin, I don't think the fragrance smells like weed at all, but definitely masculine, more of a woodsy men's cologne smell. If I purchase a full size I'll opt for unscented.
Best CBD Lotion
I have used this product for a long time. I have also tried a variety of CBD formulas. This is by far the best one and most consistent product I have found. The pump is ideal as it dispenses the same amount of product for your need and different than most other types of CBD lotions. It is great in terms of eliminating pain by far and above any other. Although, it is pricey because you are able to control how much you use (pump vs jars) it can last a long time. I usually go through a bottle every 4-6 weeks and I use it almost everyday.
Fragrance-free for me!
I was fortunate after having used up a full size "fragrance free" version to get a sample of the "signature fragrance" version of this product to compare. What I like most about this lotion is gentle cooling sensation and how the lotion isn't greasy but does provide lasting moisture. What I didn't like was the fragrance version...it's too masculine/woodsy/herbal but not in a way I like. I prefer the fragrance free although worth mentioning neither irritated my skin. I've been using it to help with soreness in my hands and wrists, lower back, shoulders, and any other sore spots. To sum up my review simply, I bought another full size fragrance free today.
The feel of this lotion is nice. I tried this on my arms before going to bed and it sunk in quickly. The cream is a medium consistency, not too think or gloopy, but also not really runny. Reminded me more of a face moisturizer consistency, rather than a lotion. The scent is... interesting. It smells earthy, but also with a hint of peppermint. It is strong out of the package, and you can still (lightly) smell it on your skin. I was happy the lotion sunk in quickly, and did not leave a residue or heavy feeling. The next morning, the dry patches on my arms were noticeably more moisturized, but were still quite present. After my shower, all benefits seemed to vanish, and the patches were very dry once again. Overall, the cream was nice, sunk in quickly, did not feel heavy, and worked. However, I did not care for the smell, all hydrating benefits did not seem to last, and it is quite pricey for what you get. I received a sample packet of this with another purchase.
This lotion is very soothing and helps with itchy dry skin. There is a slight fragrance which doesn't bother me. My skin feels silky and smooth and is not greasy. The lotion soaks into your skin very nicely.
helps with itchy skin
I personally love this scent! It's definitely different and it took me a week or so to get used to it. This does nothing for my aches or pains BUT I'm giving it 4 stars because it is currently the only topical product that relieves my itchy skin and eczema. It soothes it instantly!
Magic in a Bottle- If you are Consistent!
I fell and injured my back a year ago and have been dealing with the resulting issues ever since. I went to a chiropractor and physical therapy, which helped me tremendously, particularly in understanding the exercises and care I need to take to reduce/manage my ongoing pain. I find that when I stay consistent with stretching and taking care of my body along with this product, I am without pain. I wouldn't say this product alone helps, but in combination with stretches, it is absolutely a cure for my lower back pain. I find that I don't have to use it every single day and I don't need much- just a small pump spread over the affected area. I typically apply it at night after I shower and find relief within 24 hours of application- again, in combination with stretching and caring for my body. Is this product expensive? Yes, it is. But does it work? Yes, it does. There are SO many CBD products on the market today, but I find this one is reliable, vetted, and actually works. If this is what is costs to live a pain free life, then I'm in! For reference, I purchased this product 10 months ago and haven't run out yet. I use very small amounts as needed, which I think is a big part of that.
get unscented or smell like an old
I do love the lotion for moisturizing. it's not too heavy or thin. however, dear Lord (see what I did there)! this stuff stinks like an old man or an old house. I don't know how to describe it except it's very woodsy. It gives me a headache. The more I keep smelling it, the more it reminds me of those incense sticks, but not the good kinds. plan to return for the unscented if possible.
This stuff STINKS. I tried a sample of it and even the tiniest amount is one of the strongest cologne smells I have ever encountered. I had to wash my hands THREE TIMES to remove just a small amount of the scent and even then it lingered and gave me a terrible headache. If you're sensitive or allergic to scents STAY FAR AWAY from this.
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Awesome...if you want to smell like a blunt
I bought the Value Set of several CBD products since I know the stuff works. This lotion straight up smelled like weed. Not kidding. It was awful!!! I thought I was imagining the scent so I applied a small amount on my arm. Even several minutes later (giving it time to blend with my body chemistry) it still stunk! I was nearly nauseated smelling it. Needless to say, I sent it, and the rest of the items in the Value Set back. I wasn't impressed with any of the face oils.
no no no to the smell
I'm all for trying CBD products but this one made me smell like I just smoked a bowl. I had to wash it off. I'll try the fragrance free one instead.
Fragrance is terrible!
I couldn't agree more with the other review about the fragrance version of this lotion. I also immediately started sneezing and then got a terrible headache a few hours later that I had to leave work and shower! It smells like cheap deodorant men used in the 80s. Truly horrendous smell. Maybe the fragrance free one is better.
Scented version not for those allergic to fragrance
I received a sample of this. The smell is horrid - like pungent guy's cologne. I must be allergic as I sneezed 3x right after I put it on my arms. Like the concept of CBD and the clean ingredients and glad to see there is a fragrance free version - will be willing to try that. Hate the scent on this.
Smelled like Pot all day
The perfect lotion if you want to smell like you just finished smoking a bowl for the rest of the day. The smell is overwhelmingly pungent and I couldn't get it to go away
Skip it
This lotion smells like pot, which isn't pleasant in my opinion. It does absorb well but isn't particularly moisturizing. It has a slightly cooling effect although not enough to make it effective on muscle pain. Overall it is overpriced, smelly, and less effective than a 5 dollar tube of muscle cream.
Nice Lotion. Terrible Smell
The lotion is ok feeling but it smells intensely like cologne. I had to wash it off. Glad I got a sample instead of purchasing it.
Unfortunately did not work
I purchased this product hoping it would help my husband who suffers from nerve pain. Unfortunately it did not relieve his pain. The product feels nice and I think the scent is very herbal and pleasant. I thought the cost was quite high but if the product had reduced my husband's pain it would be worth it. My husband reported no change over a week and a half. I suffer from carpal tunnel and I did find a slight reduction in pain but I broke out from the product. My hands became extremely dry and cracked from this product. I can not recommend this product.